LSC now embeddable

After many times thinking to do it, I’ve just published an embedded sample of the LSC inside a third party webapp.

You will find at the following location a primary version of the documentation : and the sample code :

The philosophy of this sample is to provide a way for non specialist to embed a third party component that can be run on a periodical basis or upon request to synchronize identities from another source regarding the application database. Therefore, no need to develop LDAP, SQL, NIS, … plugins to include an existing users directory or database when providing a software to various clients that want to rely on their Active Directory or human resources database.

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LinSecure, a software vault, CSPN certified

For my previous company, I design and manage the build of a software vault for storing gaming data according to the French regulatory requirements: ARJEL.

This software has been audited and is now certified by the French security agency (ANSSI).

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LSC moving from OpenDS to OpenDJ

Because OpenDS is dead and OpenDJ is the new leading Java directory server, LSC has moved to embed it as sample and test directory server.

To achieve this, it’s was quite simple :

  • Install a OpenDJ 2.4.3 full distribution
  • Upgrade your OpenDS maven dependency to OpenDJ 2.4.4-SNAPSHOT (group, artifact, version and repository changes are required)
  • Add the Maven dependency to through the Oracle Maven repository (Maven setup)
  • Copy / paste the schema and update subdirectories with the 2.4.3 installed version to your embedded version
  • Check differences between your old config.ldif and the new one – remove the SNMP related if not required (or add dependency)

And that’s it : you will be able to start your freshly installed OpenDJ directory server !

Note : You don’t even need to update your code because the OpenDJ is still based on the OpenDS package names.

Maven depency :


And add the ForgeRock snapshot repository :


You will also need to add BerkeleyDB dependency :


through Oracle repository :

			<name>Oracle Released Java Packages</name>
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LSC 2.0 call for test

The documentation is completing, the automated tests are now restored and nightly build published !

VolunteersĀ are welcome for a intensive testing phase for the new 2.0 LSC release. Download it from the repo or from the files section of our Redmine forge and please notify bugs and features request !

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From RMLL 2011

Here you will find the presentation of the Ldap Synchronization Project and especially the 2.0 version presented by Jonathan and myself :

Latest 2.0 snapshot is available there.

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Ludovic Poitou presenting OpenAM

OpenAM and the universal gateway have been presented by the ForgeRock Project Manager, Ludovic Poitou at RMLL 2011 :

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New major LSC version 2.0 in beta !

With the latest work on the configuration model, LSC 2.0 can now be published as a beta version : all automated tests and primary real uses tests are successful. The RC will be published when the documentation will be fully completed.

The changelog is quite important and inclure some cool features :

  • transient configuration model from properties to XML
  • support for writing outside directories
  • multiple directory contexts support in a single configured instance
  • JMX remote commands
  • plugin API for source/destination connectors, libraries, … which enables great extensibility

First plugins available are :

  • executable source/destination connector : used to execute scripts or executables outside LSC to do whatever you want
  • nis source connector : read users, group, … from a NIS server
  • syncrepl : be synchronized with your directory through a event based model (currently compatible only with OpenLDAP and, probably but not tested, Apache Directory Server
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