New major LSC version 2.0 in beta !

With the latest work on the configuration model, LSC 2.0 can now be published as a beta version : all automated tests and primary real uses tests are successful. The RC will be published when the documentation will be fully completed.

The changelog is quite important and inclure some cool features :

  • transient configuration model from properties to XML
  • support for writing outside directories
  • multiple directory contexts support in a single configured instance
  • JMX remote commands
  • plugin API for source/destination connectors, libraries, … which enables great extensibility

First plugins available are :

  • executable source/destination connector : used to execute scripts or executables outside LSC to do whatever you want
  • nis source connector : read users, group, … from a NIS server
  • syncrepl : be synchronized with your directory through a event based model (currently compatible only with OpenLDAP and, probably but not tested, Apache Directory Server
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2 Responses to New major LSC version 2.0 in beta !

  1. This is exciting! But I think you could add a link to download the beta šŸ˜‰

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