LSC moving from OpenDS to OpenDJ

Because OpenDS is dead and OpenDJ is the new leading Java directory server, LSC has moved to embed it as sample and test directory server.

To achieve this, it’s was quite simple :

  • Install a OpenDJ 2.4.3 full distribution
  • Upgrade your OpenDS maven dependency to OpenDJ 2.4.4-SNAPSHOT (group, artifact, version and repository changes are required)
  • Add the Maven dependency to through the Oracle Maven repository (Maven setup)
  • Copy / paste the schema and update subdirectories with the 2.4.3 installed version to your embedded version
  • Check differences between your old config.ldif and the new one – remove the SNMP related if not required (or add dependency)

And that’s it : you will be able to start your freshly installed OpenDJ directory server !

Note : You don’t even need to update your code because the OpenDJ is still based on the OpenDS package names.

Maven depency :


And add the ForgeRock snapshot repository :


You will also need to add BerkeleyDB dependency :


through Oracle repository :

			<name>Oracle Released Java Packages</name>
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