LSC 2.0 in preparation

Ldap Synchronization Connector is near from a next generation version. Designed during the FOSDEM 2010, 2.0 version will include full of cool new features :

  • Web administrative interface : start/stop, follow tasks run, configure, plan, … do everything through a friendly web interface
  • Write anywere : initially designed to write only to a directory, LSC now supports writing to other data source
  • Scheduler : an quartz scheduler is embedded to support planned execution of tasks
  • Connectors architecture : it allows LSC to support data source as Java archive provided at runtime
  • NIS source connector : it allows reading from a NIS directory any map stored (passwd, group, automount, …)
  • Executable writable connector : it provides capabilities of writing through scripts and reading either through an LDAP connection or also through scripts
  • XML configuration file format : a new configuration file format has been introduced to support automatic analysis and generation

You can see the preview at the following location :

This version will be able to read existing 1.X configuration file format to allow smooth transition from 1.X to 2.0.

Estimated delivery time is about 3 to 6 months depending on Q/A efforts and feedback on the first release client that will be published near April 2011.

My personal goal for the next major version (3.0) will be to redesign synchronization process arround a data bus, and will require arround 1 or 2 years.

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